Snap the Straps

As part of our Mask Environmental Disposal Project, we have been encouraging our community to “snap the straps” on their masks before disposing of them in our bins. Once filled, these bins get sent to a special recycling center called Terracycle that allows them to be disposed of sustainably. Snapping the straps on your mask is simple, all you have to do is use scissors to cut the ear loops and you’re done!

The simple action of snapping the straps of your mask can help protect the environment and save many animals from potentially getting entangled in the ear loops of masks. Snapping the straps also makes it less likely for the masks to get stuck to different things in the environment, such as trees and bushes. So next time you are about to dispose of your mask, make sure to snap the straps in order to do your part in protecting our environment!

Below are a few pictures of the flyers we have put up in our community to inform people about the importance of snapping the straps and disposing of masks sustainably.

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