About Us

Sustainable Health is a non-profit organization working towards improving economic and environmental sustainability in health care founded in 2021.

When we found out that 25% of health care spending, $760-935 billion, is wasted every year in the United States (JAMA 2019), we wanted to do something about it. Our non-profit focuses on taking steps to develop a health care ecosystem that is sustainable. Sustainable through the utilization of more environmentally friendly means of care as well as promoting more economically efficient practices to benefit patients and providers. Our projects target environmental justice, socioeconomic health disparities, and sustainability in healthcare facilities.

Our executive board is made up of 4 high school seniors and 1 high school junior passionate about aiding our community. Our volunteer committee consists of 7th-12th grade students from neighboring schools.

Meghna Mitra (President): Meghna is involved in Model United Nations and Mock Trial and has a wide grasp on global issues. She wanted to start this nonprofit in order to tackle a growing, overlooked challenge she found during her research: the environmental and economic challenges of health waste.

Piper Frankiewicz (Chief of Marketing): Piper is President of the local food pantry and works with food insecurity first hand. She is interested in this nonprofit because it is aimed at helping a whole different need in the community than she is familiar with.

Kaitlyn Thick (Chief of Finance): Kaitlyn is involved in school and club volleyball and is a committed team player both on and off the court. As the founder of the Wellness House Youth Council, she cares deeply about health and wellbeing in the community.

Lindsey Bruns (Chief of Logistics): Lindsey is interested in business and is very involved in her school through participation in Business Professionals of America, being a co-founder of Entrepreneurship Club at her school, and being a member of the swim team.

Emily Malorny (Chief of Advocacy): Emily is committed to serving her community as a member of Hinsdale Humane Society. She’s also involved in Model UN and a Model UN non-profit and has knowledge and interest in global issues.