Park Clean-Up Days with Village of Hinsdale

We are happy to be collaborating with the Village of Hinsdale in hosting two more park clean-up days this summer! We are having these events on July 23rd and August 27th both at 3pm. By filling out the form below, you can sign up as a group or individual and choose which park you’d likeContinue reading “Park Clean-Up Days with Village of Hinsdale”

Local Park Clean Up Day

On April 21st, Sustainable Health celebrated Earth Day and helped the local community by picking up litter at Hinsdale parks. At the event we had a booth where we were able to collect device donations and raise awareness as to our project that sustainably recycles old devices for patients to access telehealth. Sustainable Health isContinue reading “Local Park Clean Up Day”

Telehealth Device Drive!

After receiving success with our last telehealth device drive in 2021, we are excited to offer another device recycling opportunity! We believe that the lack of devices for some patients is still an important ongoing problem in today’s world exiting the pandemic. Without devices, it can be challenging for some patients to receive care becauseContinue reading “Telehealth Device Drive!”

Advocacy Letter and Valentine’s Card Writing

We gathered volunteers to write letters to local representatives to advocate for more environmentally conscious health care legislation! By writing these advocacy letters, we hope to bring awareness to the issues regarding the environment and encourage representatives to create more legislation around environmentally conscious health care. Also, we wrote numerous Valentine’s cards for the hard-workingContinue reading “Advocacy Letter and Valentine’s Card Writing”

Medical Waste Legislation: From the WHO to Illinois

From the 1970s, legislation was formed to limit the amount of toxic waste being released in our air. Whether that be toxic waste from a gas, object, or liquid, acts such as the Environmental Protection Act and Toxic Substances Control Act were put in place to end pollution of U.S air and waterways. One wouldContinue reading “Medical Waste Legislation: From the WHO to Illinois”

A Pollution Pandemic: The Environmental Damage of Disposable Masks

We all remember when there was a shortage of face masks, when we had to make our own reusable masks to allow for healthcare workers to have access to disposable/surgical ones, but now more than a year later the shortage is no longer there. Instead, we have pollution. 2-3 years ago no one would thinkContinue reading “A Pollution Pandemic: The Environmental Damage of Disposable Masks”

Mask Environmental Disposal Project

Our current project is focused on collecting used disposable masks, N95 and surgical masks, in the Hinsdale area to send to a special recycling center (Terracycle). The Hinsdale community has 32 local landfills! That means every time we throw away our mask, it’s added to the pile that’s incinerated. And it’s a large pile. EveryContinue reading “Mask Environmental Disposal Project”