Telehealth Device Drive Project

This project is now completed. We are very grateful for all of the donations we received and were able to provide them to seniors in the Chicagoland area! If you are still interested in donating contact us at for inquiries.

Telehealth is a rapidly growing health practice, especially amid the pandemic, when there is a necessity to conduct virtual visits to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Telemedicine is especially beneficial for those immunocompromised or senior patients who are more likely to require routine visits as they can reduce their exposure to a virus they are more vulnerable to from the convenience of their home. Telehealth embodies Sustainable Health’s economic and environmental goals: Telehealth is environmentally friendly by using technology and reducing patient transportation emissions and facility electricity usage. It also economical by reducing the amount of time a patient may have to take from work and administrative fees. However, for those without access to devices, telehealth is not an option.

The goal of our first project was to provide devices to those who don’t have functional technology for telehealth doctor’s visits. We collected used devices from our community along with other technological accessories (chargers, cases, headphones), to provide for the non-profit Telehealth for Seniors which distributes devices to freeclinics and Senior homes in Illinois.

Although our drive is complete, if you are still interested in donating fill out our form below and will get back to you!

Why donate?

  • We will take all kinds of devices, no matter the condition
  • You do not have to go through a buyback process in order to sell your devices
  • You can simply drop off your devices or schedule a pickup with one of our board members

Contact us at, our website, or our Instagram/Facebook @thesustainablehealth with any questions or to schedule a device pick up.

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