Telehealth Project – Completed

This project is now completed. We are very grateful for all of the donations we received and are excited to give them to our community!

Telehealth is a rapidly growing concept, especially amid the pandemic, as doctors start conducting visits virtually. This can be very beneficial for immunocompromised or senior patients since they can conduct their doctor’s visits at home and avoid injury or sickness. However, for those without access to devices, telehealth is not an option.

The goal of our first project is to provide devices to those that do not have any, but need one in order to partake in telehealth doctor’s visits. We are working to collect as many new or used devices as we can, along with other technological items (chargers, cases, headphones), and donate them to telehealth nonprofits and/or Illinois free clinics.

Why donate?

  • We will take all kinds of devices, no matter the condition
  • You do not have to go through a buyback process in order to sell your devices
  • You can simply drop off your devices or schedule a pickup with one of our board members

Once our collection process is complete on September 12th, we will update this page with our results.

Contact us at, our website, or our Instagram/Facebook @thesustainablehealth with any questions or to schedule a device pick up.

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